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POV HORROR is the First Movie Channel Dedicated to Found Footage Films

If you enjoyed our series of list articles showcasing lesser-known but genuinely creepy found footage horror movies — or you’re just a dedicated fan of the subgenre itself — this is definitely something you’ll want to check out pronto.

A joint venture between the creators of Found Footage Critic and Wicked Horror, the new on-demand channel POV HORROR has just rolled out on ROKU with a library containing dozens of found footage features, shorts, and web series from around the world — and many more titles being added regularly.


These offerings include several well-made and seriously disturbing films we’ve spotlighted in the past — including BE MY CAT: A FILM FOR ANNE [which the late, great Matt Molgaard reviewed here], NIGHTMARE CODE [covered in this list], THE MIDNIGHT SWIM [one of my personal faves, listed here], THE PRESENCE [reviewed here] and the legendary creepypasta-based web series MARBLE HORNETS. Many of these titles are exclusive to the channel, though they also include genre classics like Ruggero Deodato’s CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST.

POV HORROR is continually expanding their queue of new titles for ROKU this fall — most notably ENCOUNTERS, a Danish found footage alien invasion thriller directed by Anders Bukh, which has been described by critics as “a great story [with] amazing visual effects that rival some of the best found footage films out there.”

As a long-time fan of found footage as a horror medium, I’ve turned to Found Footage Critic as a valuable resource, and its co-founder, my good friend Michael Steinberg, has done exhaustive research in the field, digging up some incredible rarities from talented filmmakers across 15 countries in his quest for the best — which is hell of a feat in such an over-saturated subgenre.


“We conceived the idea of offering the global fan community a single place to see as many found footage films as we could pull together,” Steinberg explains. “We encourage owners of feature length found footage films to reach out to us with titles they would like added to our catalog. We can offer non-exclusive distribution agreements for films that meet our criteria.”

Michael’s founding partner in POV HORROR Michael McQuown is not only the creator of popular genre site, but he’s the director of THE DARK TAPES — arguably one of the scariest horror anthologies of all time [check out Matt’s review here].

“Both Michael and I devoted substantial personal resources to see this through,” says McQuown. “Our cumulative experience is directly portable to POV HORROR, and will go a long way towards driving our success.”


In other words, you can rest assured POV HORROR isn’t just a dumping ground for low-budget horror; these guys know the mark of quality when they find it.

ROKU users worldwide (in supported countries) can either subscribe to POV HORROR monthly, or purchase single programs individually… but if you want to give the channel a test drive first, there will soon be an ad-driven free version available which rotates select titles from their catalog.

In the coming weeks, expect POV HORROR to launch across many more digital platforms — including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast, with PlayStation and Xbox launches following soon after.

For subscription info and a browse through their catalog, check out, and visit them on Facebook and Twitter.