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In Memory of Writer Matt Molgaard

It’s with deep sadness that we must mark the passing of an excellent writer, journalist, husband, father and all-around groovy guy, Mr. Matt Molgaard — whose creative, provocative and entertaining work we’ve been proud to showcase on a regular basis at

According to an announcement from Dread Central’s Steve Barton, Matt passed away Saturday, September 2 at the age of 36, about a week after suffering a severe stroke.

Though I’ve been denied the good fortune of meeting Matt in person, I’ve still become a fan of his writing during his lengthy tenure here, as well as his contributions to Dread Central and other horror sites.

I hope you’ll set aside some time to delve into the many insightful articles and essays Matt has contributed to this site as well as his prolific contributions to Dread Central. If you so choose, you can also follow this link to a GoFundMe page established to assist Matt’s wife and three children.

We send Matt’s family and friends our deepest condolences, along with the entire genre community, and all those whose minds were enlightened by his unique and eye-opening perspective. He will be sorely missed.

[Lead image credit: Matt Molgaard via Facebook]