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Peachfuzz Returns! Mark Duplass Reveals CREEP 2 Info

Production on the long-awaited sequel to CREEP — the Netflix found-footage fave from 2014 starring Mark Duplass as a weirdly adorable serial killer — has been kept on the down-low for a while… but indie outfit The Orchard has finally pulled back the curtain on the bizarre horror-comedy featuring the antics of Duplass’s charming madman and the aspiring documentarians unfortunate enough to become ensnared in his oddball mind-games.

The Orchard (co-founded by Mark and his brother Jay Duplass, who also co-produced the original film) posted an announcement yesterday about the sequel — including a synopsis, cast revelations and this new image:

Image Credit: The Orchard/BH Tilt

Patrick Brice returns as director and co-wrote CREEP 2 with Duplass. Carolyn Craddock produced the film, and Blumhouse’s own Jason Blum is executive producing with the Duplass Brothers, Mel Eslyn, Chris Donlon and Josh Braun.

The film also stars Desiree Akhavan as Sara, an artist whose latest video project involves “creating intimacy with lonely men,” which, unfortunately for her, brings her into contact with Duplass’s character (who called himself “Josef” in the first film, though that’s probably not the case here). Sara actually learns early on that this strange dude is truly a psychopath… but chooses to continue her video project anyway, with the intention of creating “a truly shocking piece of art.” If you’re familiar with the previous CREEP, you can imagine things won’t quite go off according to plan.

CREEP 2 is slated for On Demand release October 24, followed closely after by its own Netflix premiere.


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