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The Chilling Saga of “Dear David” Continues with a Disturbing New Video… and More

Remember when I told you about Adam Ellis, whose regular tweets about his allegedly haunted apartment — and a dead boy who may have murderous intentions — have gone insanely viral this month?

Well, his saga of a creepy little ghost nicknamed “Dear David” is still unfolding… with some nightmarish new twists.

It all began on August 8, with this mysterious and frightening tweet:

Ellis, a staff writer for BuzzFeed who goes by the Twitter handle @moby_dickhead, claims the dead child first appeared to him in his dreams. But with each new update, it’s clear Ellis believes “Dear David” (and perhaps a few other entities as well) is beginning to impact the physical world — including the chairs in Ellis’s apartment, and this one in particular:

Image Credit: Adam Ellis via Twitter

News outlets, magazines and social media have been swirling with discussions about these updates, which are often accompanied by photos detailing possible evidence of David’s nocturnal activities.

Ellis also claims to suffer from sleep paralysis, and even experts in sleep studies are often confounded by the true nature of that condition. If this condition is somehow linked to these experiences, it would explain a lot… but then again, “Dear David” has apparently invented some new games that seemingly contradict that theory.

Just recently, Ellis installed a motion detector in his apartment, which when triggered activates a camera that transmits its video feed directly to an app on his phone. The camera here is directed at that green chair you saw above. Keep an eye on that chair…

Then someone pointed out something Ellis missed… between two separate videos from the same camera:

Of course, Ellis’s Twitter feed isn’t all about malicious dead kids, so if you’d rather not go sifting through a month of tweets looking for more backstory on this ever-growing phenomenon, he’s kindly compiled the first batch of “Dear David” updates into a Storify montage, which you can watch below: