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Experience THE HORRORS OF BLUMHOUSE at This Year’s Universal Halloween Horror Nights!

We know you’ve been asking: What’s Blumhouse bringing to the party this year for Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights?

Well, why not get the answer from the man himself? Here’s our very own Jason Blum with a very special announcement:

In short, Blumhouse is expanding our collaboration with Universal Studios’ Hollywood and Orlando theme parks attractions by opening up even more nightmarish possibilities from our film library… and that means mazes based on earlier hits like SINISTER, to an all-new spin on our popular annual PURGE experience… plus a new attraction based on the upcoming feature HAPPY DEATH DAY, so you’ll have a chance to experience it firsthand, before the film hits theaters October 13!

Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights kicks off September 15, and you can visit their official site for more details… plus, expect more updates here in the near future!