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Rounding Out “Exploitation Month” on SHOCK WAVES Episode 62!

Episode 62 now available! The whole gang, Ryan Turek, Rob Galluzzo, Rebekah McKendry and Elric Kane, are back to close out “Exploitation Month” on SHOCK WAVES!

First up, the latest horrors! Rob reports back from the surprise premiere of VICTOR CROWLEY, aka HATCHET 4, as well as RE-ANIMATOR: THE INTEGRAL VERSION, BEYOND THE DARKNESS, BEYOND THE DOOR and JENNIFER. Ryan tells us about the TV movie WHEELS OF TERROR, DON’T PANIC, THE PUPPET MASTERS and NIGHT TRAP. Elric continues watching HBO’s ROOM 104, and caught THE TRANSFIGURATION. Bekah talks about the 1958 Albert Band flick I BURY THE LIVING!

Then, the crew focuses on their favorite “exploitation” sub-genres. From Bekah’s love of “nunspoiltation” like SCHOOL FOR THE HOLY BEAST, to Rob’s appreciation for Nikkatsu Pink Cinema, to Elric and Ryan’s love of “canuck-sploitation” like CURTAINS, MY BLOODY VALENTINE & DEATHDREAM, all sleazy, weird and bizarre grounds are covered!

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