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Watch Eli Roth’s Epic New TV Spot for Universal’s HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS

It’s that time again, folks: Universal Studios is about to roll out a new cavalcade of wide-awake nightmares for this year’s HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS, plunging patrons into living, bleeding incarnations of their favorite horror flicks.

Image Credit: Universal Studios/YouTube

But this year, the commercial hyping HHN’s 2017 edition features a veteran horror filmmaker behind the camera as well: the stylish promo was helmed by none other than Eli Roth — director of CABIN FEVER, HOSTEL and THE GREEN INFERNO (and the trailer for the best nonexistent slasher film ever, THANKSGIVING).

Image Credit: Universal Studios/YouTube

Roth has worked with Universal on previous attractions for HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS, including a HOSTEL-themed maze and last year’s creepy clown invasion of the park’s “Terror Tram” (he even took part in the fun as one of the scare actors), but this outing was actually a first for the genre icon.

Image Credit: Universal Studios/YouTube

“I had never shot a commercial before,” Roth told People magazine. “It was a pretty simple idea, but it was really fun getting to shoot this wild EYES WIDE SHUT-style party for it.”

Image Credit: Universal Studios/YouTube

Roth incorporated elements from three of the parks’ new 2017 mazes, based on THE SHINING (which I’m totally stoked to check out), AMERICAN HORROR STORY and SAW, into this surreal, decadent dark carnival dream sequence — which he promises is “loaded with Easter eggs” for observant fans.

HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS 2017 launches on September 15, at Universal Studios’ Hollywood and Orlando Theme Parks.


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