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Watch the First Full Trailer for AMERICAN HORROR STORY: CULT!

“What’s the thing that scares you the most?”

After redefining the whole concept of “teasers” by mercilessly assaulting our eyes and ears with hallucinogenic, clown-filled clips, the creators of the tensely-awaited seventh season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY have finally unleashed the beast.

The new official trailer, which now contains a wealth of footage from the series itself, reveals that — as many of us theorized months ago — this season’s storyline is very closely tied to current socio-political events. That’s a terrifying thought in itself… but here you have it.


I’m sure many of us can identify with Sarah Paulson’s and Evan Peters’ characters screaming in both abject horror and wild-eyed mania (respectively) when the results of the 2016 US presidential election are announced on TV… but that’s just the tip of the colossal iceberg of horror that seems to be lurking beneath the surface of recent real-life events.

For example: apparently our old pal Twisty the Clown (John Carroll Lynch) from AHS: FREAKSHOW is back in some ominous new form, along with season 5-6 actor Cheyenne Jackson as therapist to Paulson’s character “Ally,” who suffers from a crippling case of coulrophobia. We also get a tantalizing look at SCREAM QUEENS star Billie Lourd (a welcome newcomer to the AHS multiverse) as “Winter,” who is seen presenting a child with a nightmarish Twisty doll and revealing a strangely conflicted opinion regarding children in general. Also seen is Alison Pill (GOON) as Ally’s wife, and a few other familiar faces…

The debut of the new trailer comes in the wake of the AHS: CULT website‘s recent unveiling of the season’s main title sequence, which clearly hints at the show’s political overtones: