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Nightmarish Video Shows a Blood-Red Cloud Descending on a Brazilian Town

If you’re already on edge anticipating the cosmic horrors in the wake of this year’s historic solar eclipse (assuming you’re reading this in North America, that is), the following story probably won’t be very reassuring…

In fact, when it comes to ominous signs in the skies, they don’t get much freakier than this eerie aerial formation, which appeared over the town of Teixeira de Freitas in the Brazilian state of Bahia.

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Numerous social media users uploaded photos and videos of the bizarre phenomenon, which quickly caught fire across multiple social media platforms.

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One of the most widely-circulated uploads is the Instagram video shown below shot by João Paulo Magalhães, who witnessed the strange cloud at roughly 5pm Thursday. He claimed it remained in position for around four minutes before dissipating.

Magalhães thought the cloud resembled “the entrance of a meteorite,” but other users had more ominous theories for the freak occurrence; some concluded the shape was a sign from God, while others considered it might be — wait for it — aliens.


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