The 13th Floor

We’re All About “Exploitation Preservation” on the New SHOCK WAVES!

Rob Galluzzo, Rebekah McKendry and Elric Kane welcome very special guests Joseph Ziemba (Creator of Bleeding Skull, American Genre Film Archive) and Bret Berg (American Genre Film Archive), who share with us their favorite, obscure genre deep cuts!

In the news, Rob reports back on THE DARK TOWER, and Blue Underground’s upcoming disc of AMSTERDAMNED; Elric saw the new ANNABELLE: CREATION, as well as Arrow Video’s BRAIN DAMAGE release and TRICK OR TREATS; Bekah checked out BILLY JACK and the Italian cult classic 1990: THE BRONX WARRIORS.

Ziemba and Berg tell us about recent film restorations, theatrical engagements and Blu-Ray releases for THE ZODIAC KILLER and EFFECTS [which we covered in detail here]. Then they hit us with the weirdest, most bizarre recommendations they could dig up — including Crazy Mexican Cinema, PSYCHED BY THE 4D WITCH, the backyard gorefests of Long Islander Nathan Schiff, Jame Bryan, Renee Harmon and JUNGLE TRAP, and much, much more!