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New Footage Documents Creeping “Black Mist” in Allegedly Haunted Texas Hotel

Built in the 1840s, the Magnolia Hotel in Seguin, Texas has a reputation for being haunted, and has since been considered a hotbed of paranormal activity — more than one investigator claims to have captured evidence of unexplained and extremely unsettling phenomena since the current owners reopened it for ghost tours in 2013.

But this month, Austin-based paranormal outfit Strange Town may have captured the creepiest concrete evidence of all:

According to local affiliate KREM 2, Strange Town set up their equipment in the Magnolia’s notorious “Campbell Room” on the night of August 4-5. Just before 2 am, their cameras recorded a dense black fog creeping into the frame from the left, eventually obscuring the entire image.

The team then claimed that a second anomaly — a swirling white vortex within the cloud — manifested approximately ten minutes after the black mist first appeared, then obscured the entire lens in the same manner.

Image Credit: Strange Town via YouTube

KREM 2 reports the Magnolia had been abandoned for over two decades before Jim and Erin Ghedi eventually purchased and restored it. Its original builder is said to be James Campbell, one of the first of the historic Texas Rangers, who died in battle… and some visitors claim to have seen Campbell’s ghost wandering the suite which bears his name.