The 13th Floor

Metal, Madness and Murder Meet with SADISTIC INTENT in This Heavy Indie Thriller

Writer-director Eric Pennycoff has seriously deep roots in independent genre cinema; he’s an alumni of Larry Fessenden’s legendary company Glass Eye Pix, and has worked frequently with Brooklyn, NY-based production outfit Midnight Treehouse (behind the “M is for Mariachi” segment of ABCs OF DEATH 2.5 and the sci-fi short THE POD), to name just a few.

Eric brought several of these same creative collaborators aboard for his own feature-length directing debut, SADISTIC INTENT — which is generating some excellent advance buzz.

The story plays out in the isolated mansion of “The Homeowner” (played by the always-awesome Fessenden), wherein a pair of struggling metallers (THE BATTERY’s Jeremy Gardner and WE ARE STILL HERE’s Michael Patrick Nicholson) have planned an extremely unorthodox means of reviving their flagging careers: they intend to subject a young woman (Taylor Zaudtke) to a ghastly ordeal as part of the ultimate extreme-metal stunt. As you can imagine, those plans quickly go south — especially after one of the musicians falls in love with their intended victim.

More details are forthcoming (keep an eye on their Facebook page), and look for screening dates and an official trailer in the near future. Meanwhile, Eric provided us a new blue poster variant — much different from the original one-sheet’s equally cool minimalist motif — which would be ideal for a potential VHS release edition:

While Pennycoff cites seminal slashers like BLACK CHRISTMAS, ANGST, SCREAM and A BLADE IN THE DARK as the film’s main inspirations, I’m betting SADISTIC INTENT also dips into the same horror-metal fountain as ‘80s titles like TRICK OR TREAT and BLACK ROSES. Any way you slice it, it should be sweet music to fans of more recent metal-themed extreme horror flicks like DEATHGASM and THE DEVIL’S CANDY… maybe as a triple-bill in the near future? Sounds cvlt as fuck!