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Man Tweets a Dead Child is Trying to Kill Him; Internet Freaks the Hell Out

It all began with a mysterious tweet from New York-based author, blogger, artist and illustrator Adam Ellis — who goes by the memorable Twitter handle @moby_dickhead.

Image Credit: Adam Ellis via Twitter

That’s not the kind of username you’d expect to source the kind of pure nightmare fuel this man just spilled onto the social media landscape… but it happened, and it’s kind of amazing.

The infamous thread began with this chilling tweet:

The thread quickly grew, with Ellis documenting the details of the horrific experience, and ongoing updates revealed that he apparently suffers from sleep paralysis — which might explain some of the information he shares, but we can’t verify that yet.

As a staff writer for BuzzFeed, Ellis is also something of a web-celeb, so this thread may be the beginnings of an elaborate and evolving work of real-time flash fiction… then again, we can’t confirm or deny that either.

We do know this: He’s an established artist and illustrator as well, and recently tweeted a drawing of what the menacing ghost boy — whom he believes is named “Dear David” — looks like.

Even Ellis’s cats know something is up: he claims that, for the last four nights, at precisely Midnight, they come to sniff at the front door and stare at the gap beneath… “almost like something is on the other side,” he writes.

Image Credit: Adam Ellis via Twitter

Apart from the author’s personal updates, all we currently know for sure is that the internet is now officially going bonkers over this information; not only has Ellis drawn legions of new followers as a result, but the story is already making headlines, and ever since Ellis posted his tale on BuzzFeed, it’s become one of the site’s top-trending stories.


We’re going to be keeping an eye on this one, of course. But we’re also interested to know if you’ve experienced anything like this as well. If so, we’d like to know your story… tell us more in the comments below!


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