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Five Horror Movies With Totally WTF Concepts

Besides the well-designed posters and intriguing trailers, another element that draws my interest in a horror movie like a magnet to the fridge is a uniquely original, out-of-this-world concept that will eventually make me say “Fuck yeah, bring it on!” If you’re like me, seeking something entirely refreshing, weird and over-the-top in your genre viewing — and you’re sick and tired of the same old tired horror formulas — join me for a peek at five hidden horror gems that will definitely have you so hyped up with their total insanity, you won’t even bother to see the trailer; you’ll want to jump right in (if your stomach can take it, that is)!

RUBBER (2010)

It’s a timeless tale of a typical lonely, abandoned, homicidal car tire… which also happens to possess telekinetic powers and the determination of a slasher-movie villain. Our circular stalker wanders the open desert, using its ability to burst people’s brains right out of their skulls. SOLD!


Bad things happen everywhere… especially in Disneyland, apparently. This black and white dark fantasy film turns “the happiest place on Earth” into a twisted alternate reality of pure nightmares. Soon, you will realize that not all fairytale wishes come true… at least not in this movie’s universe.


A young woman is trapped in a large house with a viciously hungry tiger. That’s enough of a horror-movie situation… but she’s not just trying to survive alone; the heroine’s autistic brother needs her help, so the stakes are twice as high. Oh, and if you’re wondering why they can’t just leave the house… there’s also huge-ass hurricane pounding outside. So there’s that.


Sushi violence. Sushi erotica. Sushi orgasms! Enough said.

KUSO (2017)

This claims to be the most fucked-up, grossest film ever screened in the history of the Sundance Film Festival. That fact alone forced me to clear my schedule just to go see it. I can now say with confidence that that the hype is pretty damn accurate. This body horror-comedy from Flying Lotus (a.k.a. Steve Ellison) tells the story of an earthquake aftershock in Los Angeles and its aftermath, in which all men, women, and children are mutating into something you can’t even possibly imagine.

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