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Sneak Peek At The Bonus Features For Arrow Video’s PSYCHO II Blu-Ray!

For our U.K. based readers, you’re in for a treat. On July 31st, Arrow Video will be releasing a brand new Blu-Ray collector’s edition of PSYCHO II, Richard Franklin’s excellent sequel to the Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece! This isn’t the first time it’s been available on home video, but this version will definitely boast the largest amount of supplement material gathered for the flick!

On top of tons of newly discovered vintage materials, as well as the previous commentary with screenwriter Tom Holland and yours truly, I (along with producing partner Buz Wallick) was tasked with shooting some brand new material for the disc, and we came up with two really cool new featurettes, exclusive to this Arrow release. Below, we’ll give you a tease of each!

This is from the featurette titled BEHIND THE CURTAIN: THE MASTERS OF HORROR ON PSYCHO, in which PSYCHO LEGACY director Rob Galluzzo moderates a panel discussion about the entire PSYCHO franchise with PSYCHO II screenwriter Tom Holland and PSYCHO IV director Mick Garris. In this clip, Tom talks about the reaction to Tony Perkins reprising the role of Norman Bates!

The full BEHIND THE CURTAIN featurette runs 42 minutes! Below is a clip from GIVING BLOCH HIS DUE, a 10 minute segment with PSYCHO: SANITARIUM author Chet Williamson where we talk all about the man who created PSYCHO and Norman Bates, author Robert Bloch. In this snippet, Chet talks about the challenges of writing a direct sequel to the original PSYCHO novel.

Other new features include never-before-heard audio interviews with director Richard Franklin, archival interviews with Anthony Perkins, new art by Adam Rabalais with a reversible cover, and much, much more. It’s available as of July 31st, 2017. You can order it direct from Arrow Films.

Please note, this is a Region B only release, meaning it will only play in U.K. Players – or all-region players if you have one! There is a U.S. Blu-Ray available from Scream Factory, but the clips above are exclusive to the Arrow release.

Norman Bates is coming home!

*Featurette Credits: Produced by Rob Galluzzo & Buz Wallick, Edited by Dave Parker, Exec Produced by Ewan Cant, Kevin Lambert, Francesco Simeoni, Camera on BEHIND THE CURTAIN: Buz Wallick, Jim Kunz, Camera on GIVING BLOCH HIS DUE: Jeff Lynch