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Fulci Lives! CAVITYCOLORS Introduces New ZOMBIE Pin… With Spinning Eye-Worms!

Man, oh man. The modern world of horror collectibles never ceases to amaze me.

I still remember a time when it was next to impossible to find a freakin’ action figure of your favorite horror icon. Now they’re everywhere. Shirts, lunch boxes, toys, and yes, enamel pins have taken the horror world by storm as of late!

On top of their game are our friends at Cavitycolors. If you’re a fan of Lucio Fulci and, in particular, his 1979 horror masterpiece ZOMBIE, then you owe it to yourself to pick up this sucker and put it on your jacket or bag right now!!!

For $13 bucks, you can own an officially licensed ZOMBIE enamel pin. And it comes with spinning eye-worms! Have a look below!

As usual, you can find this and ton of other great goodies directly from the official Cavitycolors website right here.

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