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THE JESTER Has a Deadly Trick Up His Sleeve in This Chilling Short

Ready for a little taste of Halloween in July? No problem! THE JESTER can deal you in… but the stakes in his game are higher than you think.

Directed and co-written by Colin Krawchuk and the filmmaking team of MakeDo Entertainment, this slick and stylish short is more of a tone poem than a narrative tale, but captures just the right balance of vintage horror (dig those 1978-era titles!) and art-house surrealism. The result is far more sumptuous, moody and dreamlike than the film’s $500 budget would suggest.

The premise is simple as well: a young man walks home alone late one Halloween Night when he’s greeted by the masked title figure — described as “the embodiment of Halloween itself” — who offers to demonstrate a little sleight-of-hand with a deck of cards. But this Jester’s act has more surprises in store than a rising ace.

I like to imagine this silent, sinister wraith is an adult version (or at least an older relative) of little “Sam” from the horror anthology TRICK R TREAT, in that he seems a bit offended by those who fail to pay proper respect to the traditions of All Hallows’ Eve.

If you dig THE JESTER, MakeDo Entertainment have more spooky shorts available via their YouTube channel… and you can also catch up with their latest projects (they upload a new short almost every week) via Facebook and Twitter.