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New 4K Restored Version Of DEAD & BURIED Coming From Blue Underground

On episode 57 of Shock Waves, we were fortunate to have on the show director Gary Sherman! He’s currently touring a brand new restored version of his debut feature DEATH LINE, known to some in the States under its alternate title RAW MEAT. The stellar Blu-Ray set is now available through the fine fiends at Blue Underground. And thankfully, it looks like the label has set their sights on restoring yet another one of Gary’s well regarded cult classics!

“Right now, as we sit here in Los Angeles, in London, England, the original negative of DEAD & BURIED is passing itself through a 4K scan and we are going to restore completely DEAD & BURIED and do some extras that’ll blow people away,” Sherman revealed exclusively during the podcast interview.

DEAD & BURIED is Sherman’s second full length feature, a suspense horror film set in a small coastal town where, after a series of gory murders are committed by the townspeople against visiting tourists, the corpses mysteriously begin to come back to life! It’s notable for having the FX work of the late, great Stan Winston, and among the cast you’ll spot a very young pre-Freddy Krueger Robert Englund! So, it’s a cool little flick that’s worthy both of this restoration and to be rediscovered.

Who is responsible for this? “None other than Bill Lustig,” Sherman confirmed. Blue Underground is behind this new Blu-Ray version of DEAD & BURIED. Regarding the time frame, it was originally expected later this year, but is now slated for early 2018.

“Bill initially was talking about (releasing by) Christmas, but that’s not going to happen,” explained Sherman. “As they’re doing the 4K scan in England, there was a problem with the scanner and they were waiting for parts to show up from Italy. So, the scan is delayed. I just came from a meeting with Bill (Lustig). We were going to try to do the timing and shoot the extras in August. Now we’re going to do it in November. So, it’ll be out early 2018. And we won’t mess with that cover art!”

I mean, isn’t the theatrical poster art below just perfect?

Listen to Gary Sherman on Shock Waves embedded below for your convenience!