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Thousands of Slime-Oozing Eels Caused This Bizarre Highway Horror

Did you think we were slacking off on skin-crawling true horror stories from the animal kingdom? I’m delighted to say that’s totally not the case — in fact, this one is about as creepy as they come. Just read on, and enjoy the pretty pictures.

We’re not visiting Australia or Florida today for our usual helping of slimy, slithering nightmare creatures; instead, this gruesome headline hails from the Northwestern United States.

Late last week, highway commuters in Depoe Bay, Oregon were involved in what would have been a fairly unremarkable fender-bender, were it not for the fact that the accident was caused by a large truck hauling 7500 pounds of hagfish — toothy, flesh-eating relatives to lampreys, also known as “slime eels” — which dropped its slippery cargo when it failed to stop in time for a construction detour.

According to Oregon State Police, the shipment of eels was headed for the harbor en route to South Korea (where hagfish is considered a delicacy), when the truck’s sudden and unexpected halt caused a chain reaction, dumping nearly four tons of the slippery gray mini-monsters across the highway — and onto the vehicles of some very unfortunate drivers.

Image Credit: Oregon State Police Dept.

The road and four cars were instantly covered in gallons of thick, gooey, translucent slime, which the parasitic eels secrete to escape from predators.

Police reported only minor injuries, but didn’t mention whether any of the people involved had to be treated for severe psychological trauma due to being splattered with thousands of hideous gray snot-monsters.

Image Credit: iStock/ffennema

Did I mention the hagfish is known for swimming inside other fish and devouring them from within?

The more you know, right?