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Check Out HORRORIBLE KIDS! Garbage Pail Kids-Style Versions Of Your Favorite Horror Icons!

Earlier this week, my buddy Mike Kerr alerted me to yet another PSYCHO inspired t-shirt that I should add to my wardrobe. It was available via the Magic Marker Art website, and that’s how I stumbled upon the amazing work of Mark Pingitore, in particular his “Garbage Pail Kids” inspired series of horror icons called HORRORIBLE KIDS!

It started last October when released a set of trading card style die-cut stickers called Horrorible Kids, a series of art pieces that pay homage to both the 80’s Garbage Pail Kids style trading card and classic horror movies. Naturally, it was a success, and along with stickers, you can order t-shirt versions of each character.

ELMER Street? He’s in there. Momma’s BOYD? Sure. Chain SAUL? You got it!

Don’t worry. HAL Raiser, Masked Michael, Silenced LAMBERT and GOOD GUY are all here too. And, if that’s not enough, Series 2 is on its way!

HORRORIBLE KIDS original artwork and merchandise is available through the Magic Marker Art website here. And you can also pick up their shirts at this link.


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