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School’s In Session! Filmmaking Tips From LIGHTS OUT/ANNABELLE: CREATION Director David Sandberg

One of my favorite episodes of the Shock Waves podcast that we did was with filmmaker David F. Sandberg, the director of LIGHTS OUT and the upcoming ANNABELLE: CREATION. A big part of it was because of his story, and the way he approaches making his scary short films which led directly into his big break in feature films. Also, he was a big supporter and listener of Shock Waves already, so that helped too!

In conjunction with ANNABELLE: CREATION’s August 11th release, New Line Cinema and Sandberg are running a contest for the best short horror film set in THE CONJURING universe. Winner will get a sit down with them and discuss a potential feature version. Basically, the same break he got over LIGHTS OUT! The full details are over at, but below you can find the promotional spot.

What’s even cooler though is that Sandberg created a series of videos on his personal You Tube page Ponysmasher that give invaluable advice on crafting horror shorts. So, before you head out with your friends to shoot your next opus, listen to someone that knows what he’s talking about. See the 5 part video series on filmmaking tips below!

Go out there and make some cool shit!

ANNABELLE: CREATION opens August 11th. Watch the latest trailer here.


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