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NINE INCH NAILS Debut 2nd Single “This Isn’t The Place” From New EP “ADD VIOLENCE!”

When it comes to releasing new music these days, Nine Inch Nails doesn’t mess around! It’s a good thing. While I (and most NIN fans) consider “The Fragile” a masterpiece, the wait between that and the previous full length “The Downward Spiral” felt like an eternity. That’s probably why nowadays, Trent and company don’t make any new music announcements until the freakin’ week of!

A few days back, they announced the second in an intended three set series of EP’s titled “Add Violence,” and with the announcement came the first track and single, “Less Than.” (Hear it here!)

Now, we get a look at the back cover of the release (pictured above) with the message, “REMEMBER WHEN RECORDS HAD BACK COVERS? NO? MAYBE THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT.” Perhaps they’re taking a cue from David Lynch’s new iteration of TWIN PEAKS in doing things the old fashioned way?

Oh, and here’s more new music! This ambient track is called “This Isn’t The Place.”

NINE INCH NAILS “Add Violence” will be released on Friday, July 21st! Pre-order your version direct from the NIN webstore.