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6 “True Crime” Shows Currently Streaming On Netflix Instant!

If there’s one specific type of television show that’s binge worthy, it’s usually a great, gripping “true crime” story. Netflix has had their fair share of overnight phenomenons with surprise hits MAKING A MURDERER and more recently, THE KEEPERS.

Now, the following are not Netflix originals, but they are recently added “true crime” inspired television shows. While we eagerly await the second season of MAKING A MURDERER, perhaps we should give these a look?


Season 2 of CURIOUS AND UNUSUAL DEATHS is available on Netflix Instant, and if you were ever superstitious about the random ways you can die, maybe you should skip this one. We’re talking FINAL DESTINATION-style complete freak accidents. One woman had wet feet and sparked an electric current using her key card at her hotel. Another guy decided to take a quickie nap underneath his jeep while parked out on the sand, not realizing the rising current would be his demise. And another gentlemen rigged up a mini-electrical fence to keep large rodents away from his garden only to be fully electrocuted himself. It’s crazy! But also fascinating. And proves that when it’s your time, it’s your time. Worth a look.


Here’s one I haven’t seen yet, but just added to my queue. It’s a British show in which criminal psychologist Laura Richards profiles men and women that murdered their families, and tries to determine the warning signs and rationale behind these heinous crimes. Might be worth taking some notes before next Thanksgiving dinner!


Do creepy kid movies scare you? That’s nothing compared to the real thing. KILLER KIDS looks at various horrible crimes and murders committed by underage teens. Everything from hate crimes to occult slayings to gang initiations. You’ll either lose faith in humanity, or perhaps be more attentive from the information relayed from these shocking cases.


Speaking of the occult, here’s a season of a show that focuses specifically on the weirdest of the weird. Cases of mental illness, role-playing rituals, and bizarre religious crimes are showcased over the course of 10 episodes, 2 of which focus on “vampires.” Watch at your own risk!


Serial killers tend to be the most fascinating of all the “true crime” profiles. Here’s another British show that has 10 episodes focusing on various serial killers such as Eddie Leonski, Joanna Dennehy and Israel Keys. I’d approach this one with caution. I, myself, haven’t watched this one yet, but the user reviews haven’t been too kind often citing the show as “repetitive” in its information. But, if you want to learn about some of the less notorious and more obscure serial killer cases out there, here’s a good start. Then you can google them and investigate!


Ah yes, this one reminds me of the various You Tube videos you can find on alien myths and other oddities if you fall far enough down the rabbit hole. Spanning 13 episodes, SECRETS AND MYSTERIES investigates several stories of sacred sites, potential UFO activity, mythical creatures and much more. It’s also another British import!

Have you seen any of these yet? Are there any others on Netflix we should keep an eye out for? Let us know in the comments below!