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In Honor of George A. Romero, Check Out This “Masters of Horror” Documentary Segment

We’re all still reeling over the loss of George A. Romero.

The man changed the face of cinema and pop culture with NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, which continues to have a huge influence on popular culture to this day. And as I mentioned on my personal Facebook page, as young budding horror fans, first we fall in love with these movies; later on, we seek out who made them. And because the horror community feels like a tight-knit family, in many ways we think of these filmmakers as our own family.

Romero was the Uncle we all wish we had. We lost one of our own.

The only comfort we can take in his passing is to celebrate what he gave us while he was here. Celebrate and watch one of his movies today. Here’s something cool worth sharing again. This is a segment from the 2002 documentary special titled “Masters of Horror” that was made by Mike Mendez and Dave Parker, and hosted by Bruce Campbell. In this interview clip, Romero discusses NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, DAY OF THE DEAD and LAND OF THE DEAD.