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Celebrate 30 Years of PREDATOR and Hunt Down These Collectibles!

Thirty years ago, an alien hunter messed with the wrong major and wound up exploding himself all over the jungle of Val Verde. PREDATOR debuted on June 12, 1987 and we’ve been obsessed with those heat-seeking killers ever since.

The John McTiernan-helmed film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Shane Black, Jesse Ventura, Bill Duke, Richard Chaves and Sonny Landham as a group of commandos sent into the jungle by Carl Weathers. While there, they stumble into the hunting grounds of the title alien — who has the distinct advantage of technology, but also an interesting code of honor.

That movie spawned a trio of sequels — 1990’s PREDATOR 2, 2010’s PREDATORS and next year’s THE PREDATOR — plus a pair of crossover films in ALIEN VS. PREDATOR and AVP: REQUIEM from 2004 and 2007, respectively. More importantly, the franchise fostered a fan base craving more and more collectibles — ranging from 2-inch mini-figures and plushies to intricately detailed statues and highly articulated action figures.

Here are the ten that every serious Predator-phile should have in their collection!


Sometimes you just want a kinder, gentler Predator. While we’re all still waiting on the PREDATOR BABIES cartoon series, check out Kidrobot’s line of stuffed Phunny plushies based on the first film. Take your pick between Dutch, Masked Predator and Angry Predator, or get them all and surround yourself E.T.-style with cuddly creatures. These act as a great way to bring the next generation into the fan fold without scarring them too badly!


Real talk: Collecting can get pretty pricey. Luckily, Diamond Select Toys has a great Predator piece that not only looks rad, but isn’t crazy expensive, and serves a function. Feast your eyes on the Predator Vinyl Bank! You can choose from either masked or unmasked version of this 7-inch-tall baddie, which comes with surprising detailing from the top of its dreadlocked head to the trophies hanging around its neck. As an added bonus, the bank gives you an easy place to keep your change in an effort to save up for even more Predator goodies!


Even though Funko seems to have its fingers in just about every franchise in the known universe, it’s only done a few PREDATOR collectibles. There’s a Predator in the first batch of Horror Mystery Minis, as well as one Predator Pop Vinyl, but our favorites are the ReAction Preds, done in the retro style of ’70s action figures. You can even choose from Clear, Masked, Unmasked Open Mouth or Unmasked Closed Mouth when selecting one for your collection… or just grab them all!


Old school PREDATOR fans will remember that, for the longest time, the only official collectibles you could get your hands on were the Kenner action figures from the ’90s. The line ran for three years and produced the likes of Lava Planet Predator, Lasershot Predator, Spiked Tail Predator and the Blade Fighter vehicle, among others. You can still get your hands on these toys on sites like eBay, or go for the updated versions created by NECA in recent years (including the Blade Fighter).


The AVP films might not have given fans of either franchise exactly what they wanted — but we’ve sure gotten a lot of interesting toys from the films. For instance, UK toymakers Titan created the “Whoever Wins” series of 3-inch, vinyl blind-boxed figures. In addition to some Xenomorphs, this set also includes Predators Wolf, Celtic, Chopper and Scar, plus the Predalien and human characters Alexa Woods (Sanaa Lathan) and Charles Bishop Weyland (Lance Henriksen).


Sideshow Collectibles always has some interesting statues in the works. When it comes to Preds, the company has two key pieces: First, there’s the skull-and-spine-holding Predator Jungle Hunter Maquette, which stands 27.5 inches tall and combines polystone and fabric elements in its make-up. Then you’ve got the PVC and resin Wolf Predator Legendary Scale Bust from AVP:R, which stands 15 inches tall and looks ready to chomp your face off. Both can be pre-ordered now, and will ship in the fall and winter.


If you’re looking for a PREDATOR figure that might not take up as much space, or simply prefer a smaller scale, then Hiya Toys’ offerings might be perfect for you. Straight out of Singapore, these figures stand just shy of five inches tall, but come with incredible articulation and detailing. The series will kick off with a quartet of PREDATOR 2 pieces: Boar, Guardian, City Hunter and Shadow (a.k.a. Snake). They all come with extra hands, accessories and bases to display them on. These Preds can be pre-ordered now and will ship at the end of the year.


Hong Kong toymakers Hot Toys have elevated their game to incredible levels. They’re basically the hallmark of the 1/6th scale action figure market and have used their considerable talents to bring a variety of Predators to shelf-worthy life. The company created figures based on PREDATOR 2, PREDATORS and AVP over the years — including about a dozen Preds and even two humans: Royce and Noland from PREDATORS! So, if you’re looking for ridiculously good-looking versions of Laurence Fishburne (Larry, to you DREAM WARRIORS fans) or Adrien Brody, you’re in luck.


To get your hands on the biggest variety of characters from the Predator franchise — from heat sensor Dutch to Gary Busey’s armored-up Keyes from PREDATOR 2 — Diamond Select Toys’ Minimates offers the best selection. In addition to three different series of 2-packs, fans can also keep an eye out for a pair of blind-bagged sets that not only offer up a wider variety of Preds, but also offer rare figures like Topher Grace’s Edwin from PREDATORS. The best part about Minimates is that you can take them apart and put them back together however you want. Ever wondered what Busey’s face would look like on Schwarzenegger’s body, or imagined a Danny Trejo-headed Predator? You can do all that and more with these 2-inch toys. If you’re looking for something a bit larger, but still in the same format, dig the Vinimates of Dutch and the title villain in all their unarticulated, 4-inch glory!


Whether you’re looking for deep-cut figures based on obscure PREDATOR lore, or near-perfect versions of the film’s big bads, then NECA has you covered. Standing roughly 7 inches tall and sporting both incredible poseability and plenty of accessories, these figures offer plenty for fans to sink their tusky teeth into. In addition to the Ultimate Jungle Hunter and Ultimate City Hunter figures based on the first two movies, they’ve also covered Schwarzenegger’s Dutch, and have even gotten into the comics as well. Above you can see the two Ultimate figures, as well as Youngblood and Elder from AVP and Serpent Hunter from the ALIENS VS. PREDATOR video game. Upcoming offerings include the 30th Anniversary Collection, which will include four versions of Dutch and three takes on the Predator, as well as Wave 18, which digs into Dark Horse Comics for Broken Tusk, Hornhead and Machiko! It’s no exaggeration to say that if there’s even one aspect of the Predator franchise you like, NECA’s got an action figure for you.


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