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Board Game Fans! The MIXTAPE MASSACRE Expansion Pack “Black Masque” Is Almost Upon Us!

Horror-themed board games have been making a huge comeback as of late. And why not? Sure, playing solo games as an app on your phone may be cool, and yeah, interactive video games like the recent FRIDAY THE 13TH one make for a great immersive experience. But sometimes, you just want to get together with friends, in person, order a pizza, break out some beers and enjoy some old’ school “slasher”-style fun!

MIXTAPE MASSACRE is one of our personal favorites to break out on such an occasion.

The game takes place in the fictional town of Tall Oaks in 1986 where a group of infamous maniacs are all descending and facing off against each other for the right to terrorize and conquer this quiet little town.

Mixtape Massacre started as a Kickstarter project back in 2015 launched by Bright Light Media.  Earlier this year, the game was re-issued, so you can snag your copy via their official website here.

Now, there’s currently a crowd funding campaign up for the expansion pack, being dubbed “The Black Masque!”

What’s the scoop with it?

3 years ago, the Town of Tall Oaks was the site of one of the bloodiest crime scenes in recorded history. Headlines dubbed it “The Black Masque” for the dark nature of the murders and the rumor of costumed assailants. Little did they know how appropriate that name would become.

The body count was so high that it served as an invitation for Death itself.

Not to be outdone by freaks in masks, Death has arrived at the borders of Tall Oaks. And it’s come to show the town, victim or victimizer…


The campaign has already successfully reached its goal, but if you want to help add additional characters and fun options for this expansion pack, check out their various tiers and see which one is up your alley. Below is the trailer for “The Black Masque.”

Hit up the Kickstarter page for MIXTAPE MASSACRE to order your expansion pack!


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