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Awesome Horror and Thriller Finds on Netflix!

Looking for some good stuff on Netflix? We’ve got you covered! Not all of these projects are pure horror, but they all will appeal to horror fans. Aliens, murder mysteries, and gore abound in this week’s selections.


Whether you believe in extra-terrestrial life or not, this is one fascinating documentary. It explores the life of Stan Romanek, his supposed encounter with aliens, and why it changed his existence forever.


THE VOID (2016)

This hyper-gory cult horror film made festival waves last year, and it is quickly becoming a fan favorite on Netflix. A police officer takes an injured and dazed man to a hospital, only to discover a strange cult is following close behind. Creatures, goo, and gore abound!


XX (2016)

XX is a four-part horror anthology directed entirely by females. The segments range from dark comedies to straight up terror, but they all pack a great scary punch.



Though not classified as a horror film, this film is distressing, frightening, and simultaneously fascinating. Based on an actual psychological study from the 1970s, a group of students are assigned roles as “guards” or “prisoners” in a mock jail scenario. The study spiraled out of control, demonstrating the depravity humans are capable of and the psychology behind power struggles.



This one came to Netflix in June, and we mentioned it then, but it is worth discussing again. This darkly comedic murder mystery is fantastic, and if you are a fan of FARGO (movie or TV show), then this one is for you. In a small town, a series of murders are shockingly divulged as the plot moves in reverse order.


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