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Throwback Video: John Carpenter On David Letterman Promoting THE THING!

I don’t know what it is, but I love falling down the rabbit hole on You Tube and uncovering old video interviews with a certain sense of context.

John Carpenter’s THE THING continues to be dissected, discussed and celebrated some 35 years after its theatrical release, and rightfully so! It’s a masterpiece!

But as every article revolving around THE THING will tell you, it wasn’t considered that upon it’s original unveiling. In fact, it’s one of those rare bittersweet instances where a unique filmmaker was just a little too far ahead of the curve. Companies like Scream Factory and Arrow DVD have done their part by releasing recent Criterion-style special editions of THE THING, but one thing missing from them all is the following vintage interview.

Watch John Carpenter on the David Letterman show before THE THING’s release.

This video was uploaded by You Tube user Wichita Big Screen. There’re a few other cool vintage videos on their page!