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CONJURING THE WITCH’S DOLL Could Be The Knock Off You Were Waiting For!

There’s something to be said of “knock-off” movies. Sure, to an extent, Roger Corman did it riding off the wave of success on movies like STAR WARS and JAWS. But in recent years, there’s stuff coming out of the Asylum that’s intentionally meant to sort of trick you into renting or buying it. If you’re a savvy, sharp movie lover, I’m fairly certain you wouldn’t really confuse AVH: ALIEN VS HUNTER with a legitimate ALIEN VS PREDATOR flick. But this particular feature just makes me smile.

Below, you will find the trailer for… CONJURING THE WITCH’S DOLL, which… pretty much tells you which movies it “borrows” from. I’m amazed they didn’t just end it with CONJURING THE WITCH’S DOLL NAMED ANNABELLE or something. Anyways, have a look!

Successfully funded via a Kickstarter campaign (meaning people wanted to see this!), CONJURING THE WITCH’S DOLL will arrive later this summer. To be fair, the campaign was under the original title of THE WITCH’S DOLL, which isn’t as blatant. Also, I’m sure the title change was a distributor decision. Trust me, I’m going to watch the shit out of this new creepy doll movie.

Directed by Lawrence Fowler, CONJURING THE WITCH’S DOLL stars Helen Crevel, Neil Hobbs, Philip Ridout, and Claire Carreno. Thanks to our friends at Dread Central for bringing this madness to our attention!


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