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Special BONUS Episode Of The INSIDE PSYCHO Podcast Drops!

Attention fans of Norman Bates and Alfred Hitchcock – did you have a chance to check out the excellent 6 episode podcast series INSIDE PSYCHO, which we first told you about right here?

Brought to you by Wondery, and hosted by Mark Ramsey, the series covers the entire history and inspiration behind the making-of Hitchcock’s landmark 1960 masterpiece PSYCHO. You can listen to all 6 episodes right now via the INSIDE PSYCHO page on the Wondery site.

But how about a little bonus episode?

Ramsey was kind enough to invite me on as the first guest for a special bonus episode of INSIDE PSYCHO to discuss the making of my 2010 documentary THE PSYCHO LEGACY. So, here’s a little extra content for you. And stay tuned, the entire gang behind INSIDE PSYCHO have another series planned for this upcoming Halloween season that you’re not going to want to miss!

Listen below to the latest!