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Podcast Recommendation: JUST THE DISCS Follow-Up On The “Collector Mentality!”

Last week, I had shared a special bonus episode of the JUST THE DISCS podcast. For those new to it, JUST THE DISCS is a movie-centric podcast hosted by Brian Saur (of the Pure Cinema podcast and Rupert Pupkin Speaks blog) where he talks about recently released Blu-Ray titles. It’s normally a solo affair for Brian, but because we both consistently post photos of our extensive physical media collections on social media, we got to chatting and he invited me to talk about the “collector mentality” for a special bonus episode.

I went to his place to check out his massive movie collection, and that trip netted this first part in our discussion.

Now, Brian came to my place to peruse my titles, and we opened up the subject to our friends online to submit questions as we delve into all our quirks in this follow-up podcast. Movie organization, reversible art, special features, double dipping… you name it, we cover it! Have a listen below!

You can find more episodes of JUST THE DISCS on iTunes and Stitcher!