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THE THING Super-Fans Planning a Trip to the Actual Filming Locations!

John Carpenter’s 1982 classic THE THING — which occupies a place of honor on just about every horror and science fiction fan’s Top 10 list — turned 35 years old last month, and people are marking the occasion in all kinds of ways, including original 35mm and digitally-remastered theatrical screenings around the world, and watch parties with the outstanding Blu-ray from Scream Factory. (Personally, I’m going to celebrate when Mondo’s board game ESCAPE FROM OUTPOST 31 hits the market soon.) But a group of truly hardcore fans are planning something more ambitious for the film’s next 5-year marker… and it sounds absolutely amazing.

Image Credit: Universal Pictures

Fan website Outpost 31 announced they are organizing a unique event in 2022 to coincide with THE THING’s 40th anniversary: a pilgrimage to visit the actual filming locations in Stewart, British Columbia — whose imposing glacial vistas stood in for Antarctica in the film — and an expedition to the exact site where exteriors for the fictional US and Norwegian camps were constructed.

Image Credit: Universal Pictures

Todd Cameron, who maintains the fan site, has scheduled the expedition for June 23 through 26 of 2022, and in his official announcement to the press, unveiled the details as they currently stand.

Salmon Glacier, B.C. (Image Credit: Church of emacs/Wikimedia Commons)

“We’ll spend a few days in the border towns of Stewart and Hyder,” Cameron announced, “exploring the site on which can still be found the scattered remains of the Outpost #31 camp set and wreckage of the Norwegian helicopter.”

Image Credit: Universal Pictures

Other plans for the event (tentatively) include a live video tour of the former filming site, a “campout” with a bonfire at the location, and a screening of the 1982 classic “synched live with fans around the world,” so that even fans who can’t make the trek can get a feel for the experience.

Be sure to visit for new updates as they come in… and of course, we’ll be keeping an eye on their progress, and find out just when and how to get in on this action!


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