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Is DEEP BLUE SEA 2 Finally Shooting?

For those of you that have a special place in your heart for “shark” films or “sharkspoiltation,” you no doubt hold Renny Harlin’s 1999 flick DEEP BLUE SEA in extremely high regard. Sure, some of the CGI sharks are ridiculous, but there’s some incredible animatronic sharks in the movie, and it’s truly a fun ride, as most films of this sort should be.

For years, a sequel has been rumored. But never quite gotten off the ground.

But, according to sneaky insiders over at Moviehole, the sequel is already filming!

Darin Scott, the producer of the excellent horror anthologies TALES FROM THE HOOD and FROM A WHISPER TO A SCREAM, and director of DARK HOUSE, CAUGHT UP and the most recent HOUSE PARTY movie, is at the helm!

Very little has been confirmed at this point, other than it’s a Syfy channel production and it stars AQUAMAN’s Michael Beach. It’s currently shooting in Cape Town, South Africa. We’ll keep you posted on a formal announcement, once that happens!

In the meantime, listen to our Shock Waves episode with Darin Scott embedded below!

And if you want to hear all about “sharkspoiltation,” we did a Killer POV episode with expert Stephen Scarlata right here!


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