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JUST THE DISCS Podcast Discussion On The Physical Media “Collector Mentality!”

Are you still a collector of physical media? Do you love buying movies? Vinyl? Books?

Whatever your thing is, there’s still something to be said about collecting tangible things. Even younger generations that have grown up in a digital world that are used to iPods and iTunes and streaming suddenly have the desire to get their hands on media the good ol’ fashioned way. David Sax recently released an excellent book titled THE REVENGE OF ANALOG: REAL THINGS AND WHY THEY MATTER that breaks down and analyses how this renewed interest in physical media-collecting has surfaced.

But the truth is, if you’re a horror fan, this is nothing new. It’s almost inherent to pick up the most obscure of horror titles. I don’t know if it’s a nostalgic thing from the video store days, or just the idea of building a library consisting of rare movies that no one has ever seen, but you don’t see “drama” fans dropping tons of money for a limited edition Blu-Ray set of CREEPSHOW 2 or BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR.

I love movies. I love buying them, collecting them, watching them. So does my good friend Brian Saur who runs an excellent movie recommendation blog called Rupert Pupkin Speaks. He also hosts several podcasts about movies including the Pure Cinema Podcast and Just The Discs. We got together, because we’re both hardcore Blu-Ray collectors. And we tried to break down all of our collector habits: filing systems, where to get deals, storage, special features, etc.

Listen to our discussion on the “collector mentality” below, embedded here for your convenience.

Be on the lookout for a follow-up episode  of Just The Discs on the “collector mentality” very soon!

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