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If This MP3 Appears on Your Playlist, You May Already Be Doomed

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One of the rare but chillingly memorable audio-themed creepypasta legends [other examples include the well-documented “Hungarian Suicide Song”], the mystery surrounding a certain mp3 file is gaining traction among social media, with numerous reports of strange and disturbing incidents surrounding the file’s random appearance on music applications set to “shuffle” mode.

While the origins of the file’s creation remain unknown, stories have been increasing on a regular basis throughout social media about the mysterious audio clip (it can’t really be classified as “music”), and its extremely unpleasant effects on those unfortunate enough to hear it.

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One anonymous user, who has compiled a list of these remarkably similar incidents, also claims to have information critical to anyone who might encounter an uninvited “visit” from the mp3 in their iTunes or similar playlists, despite not having the file saved to any of their devices; even users of streaming services like Spotify have reported the clip popping up in rotation in their “discovery” libraries.

The file itself is reportedly devoid of any metadata other than the filename ImYourProblemNow.mp3, or alternately NowItsYourProblem.mp3, and according to this particular anonymous user’s information, this random occurrence only takes place on nights of a quarter-moon (the moon’s waning or waxing phase doesn’t seem to make a difference; I didn’t have the opportunity to test this theory).

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They describe the file — which apparently cannot be skipped or paused once it begins playing — as beginning with absolute silence for exactly one minute. This dead air is followed by a sudden explosion of multiple screaming voices, at extremely high volume, for a total of seven minutes.

I’ve obtained a copy of the mp3 under the NowItsYourProblem filename, which I’ve embedded below… but I recommend you read this entire article before pressing play, because we can’t be held responsible for what may happen if you listen to the file without the additional (and crucial) information we’ve provided here.

The anonymous user I mentioned earlier issues a stern warning to anyone unfortunate enough to find the file entering their playlist: if it begins playing on its own, or you accidentally select it, close your eyes immediately before the screams start, and do not open them even slightly for any reason during the seven minutes of nightmarish cacophony which follow. While your eyes are closed, some witnesses claim hellish, graphic images of death and other unspeakable horrors may bombard your mind. You must endure this torment for the full seven minutes of noise — followed by a strange, whispered chant which seems to begin around the six minute and forty-six second mark.

You can only safely open your eyes when the entire audio file has completed.

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When you finally open them, the first user claims, you will find yourself in a slightly altered version of the world. It may precisely resemble the “normal” world as you know it… and often it will be just that for an extended period of time, even lasting a full 24 hours or more. But at some point in the near future, you may begin to experience subtle shifts in the fabric of reality (which I’ll describe shortly).

Two nearly identical examples of this reality-shift came from separate users, both of whom claimed to have opened their eyes to find themselves in a nearly-abandoned Greyhound bus station, where the only other occupant was a faceless man sitting on a bench against the opposite wall. The man eventually approached them, offering a cigarette. One of these users said they accepted the offer, while the other refused.

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The one who turned it down apparently awakened, as if from a dream — during which no time had passed — and the audio file was no longer in their playlist.

The other user confessed to having accepted the faceless man’s offer, at which point they claimed he lit the cigarette, and while they smoked it, the mysterious stranger divulged to them “the secrets of life.”

The one who heard these “secrets” was then given a ticket by the faceless man, who showed them to a waiting bus to take them back to their home. They apparently timed this return trip, claiming it took exactly twelve minutes.

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However, this was the final entry from this second user, who, according to rumor, was institutionalized shortly afterward, having experienced a complete psychotic break — possibly triggered by their mind’s inability to process the “secrets” the mysterious stranger confided to them.

The first user — the same one who shared the details about the audio file and its nightmarish nature — only posted one more entry that I’m aware of, in which they cautioned those lucky few who manage to “survive” exposure to NowItsYourProblem.mp3, or some variation on that file. They claim you may continue to experience subtle changes in what you believe to be reality… and they end their entry with a cryptic warning about staring at your own reflection in a mirror or any other polished surface.

“Be warned,” the user concludes. “Your reflection will always be watching…”


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