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Cavitycolors Unveils The NIGHTBREED T-Shirt and Enamel Pin Collection!

Cavitycolors are at it yet again! This time, setting their sights on Clive Barker’s cult classic film NIGHTBREED.

NIGHTBREED has been enjoying a revival, thanks to the fully restored “director’s cut” that the fine fiends at Scream Factory were able to put together on Blu-Ray.

And now, Cavitycolors is giving the monsters of Midian their due in this fantastic collection. Up first, an original shirt design by artist Francesco Francavilla.

There’s also another incredible shirt design by the one and only Devon Whitehead!

For pin collectors, here’s an exclusive 5 pin set featuring Boone (Cabal), Peloquin, Kinski, Shuna Sassi, Narcisse, and of course, Dr. Decker, himself! Limited to 1000 pieces, these enamel pins were rendered by Shane Murphy at Theater Of Creeps.

Last but not least, this vinyl slipmat is just stellar. Might be worth buying just to put in one of those LP shaped frames! Check it!

Get yours right now via! You can also follow them on InstagramFacebook and Twitter!


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