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Georgia Police Intercept a Speeding Driver with an Extraterrestrial Passenger

It seems an unidentified commuter in Alpharetta, GA failed to reach escape velocity before they were stopped by a local police officer — who was left momentarily speechless after walking past the passenger-side window to find a rather large alien securely buckled up in the shotgun seat.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the driver was clocked at 84 miles per hour, which might be excessive for Earth roads, but it’s pretty pathetic on a cosmic scale, considering it would take speeds exceeding 25,000 mph to break free of Earth’s gravity… and their vehicle doesn’t look very safe for space travel anyhow.

Image Credit: Alpharetta Police Dept via Facebook

At least the pair would be fairly well-hydrated for the journey, thanks to some bottled water and a neon-green smoothie nestled between the driver and their bug-eyed companion… and yes, I know it’s just a rubber prop. Just humor me.

The officer was a bit amused — though maybe not enough for the driver to avoid a ticket — and shared the image on Alpharetta’s Department of Public Safety Facebook Page.

“The things you see during everyday patrol,” the cop commented.

Wait a second… didn’t Anonymous try to claim this week that NASA has evidence proving the existence of alien visitors? NASA officially called bullshit on that, but… Maybe these two know something we don’t?