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Watch Nine Inch Nails Performance On TWIN PEAKS!

Well, this is interesting. When the massive cast listing for the new TWIN PEAKS revival presented itself online, sharp fans took note of several key names. One of them being Trent Reznor. So, ever since the new iteration of the series began, I’d been curious how and when Trent would pop up. Would it just be a quick cameo as an FBI agent or something? Would it be a nod to LOST HIGHWAY, the soundtrack of which Reznor produced, marking his first collaboration with David Lynch?

Now, I haven’t had a chance to watch this week’s episode of TWIN PEAKS yet. I’ve been getting together with a small group of friends every other week to watch 2 episodes at a time back to back. It gives us a chance to soak in the madness, discuss the details, etc. And hell, regardless of your thoughts on the new season of TWIN PEAKS, Lynch is yet again revolutionizing the way we watch and take in TV in the same way that the original TWIN PEAKS did for network TV during it’s original run. Had it been released all at once and marathoned, I don’t think it’d have the same effect it’s had on all of us watching week to week.

But anyways, I digress. Considering each episode has thus far ended with a musical act in The Roadhouse pub, I should’ve figured that that’s where Reznor (and company) would emerge. Sure enough, here is “The Nine Inch Nails” performing the track “She’s Gone Away” from the most recent NIN EP “Not the Actual Events.”

It’s also fun to note the version of the band that appears in Lynch’s universe. I spot long time NIN guitarist Robin Finck there. As well as Reznor’s wife and HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS bandmate Mariqueen Maandig.

The NIN webstore and website has recently been completely revamped, and vinyl editions of just about every one of their releases are in the works. “Not the Actual Events” is said to be the first of 3 intended EP’s, so keep tabs on the official NIN site for when the next EP will drop!