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Sissy Spacek, Jane Levy Join The Cast Of Hulu’s CASTLE ROCK!

The Hollywood Reporter just broke the news that Sissy Spacek, Jane Levy and Andre Holland will headline the cast of CASTLE ROCK, the upcoming J.J. Abrams and Stephen King anthology series for Hulu!

Let that sink in for a minute. CARRIE herself will be in a new TV series that revolves around the town where the majority of King’s novels take place! She won’t be playing Carrie White or anything, but the trade does reveal more details about the mysterious show than we’ve known thus far.

According to THR post, “Spacek will star as Ruth Deaver, the estranged adoptive mother of Henry (Holland) and a retired professor whose fading memories may hold a key to Castle Rock’s unsettling past. Jane Levy will play Jackie, the death-obsessed and self-appointed historian of Castle Rock.”

Jane Levy starred in Fede Alvarez’s DON’T BREATHE and EVIL DEAD remake.  Andre Holland was last seen in the Oscar winning Best Picture MOONLIGHT.

CASTLE ROCK is a 10-episode drama from writers and exec producers Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason, described as an anthology that weaves together characters and themes from King’s novels, featuring the mysterious town of Castle Rock at its center. Production is about to be under way. No air date as of yet.

Enjoy the teaser trailer below!