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Listen To Some Groovy Horror Tunes On The DAMN FINE CUTS FROM THE CRYPT Podcast!

If you’re already listening to the Shock Waves podcast, brought to you by, then maybe you’re familiar with my other pop-culture talk show TWO DUDES TALKING, co-hosted by my brother from another mother, Tony Giles of the Damn Fine Network.

If not, and you’re a lover of all things soundtracks, then  you should become a subscriber and check out the wealth of podcast shows the DFN has to offer. Most of the music posts I share on this website come from albums I’ve heard spin over there. The Damn Fine Cast is a show focusing on soundtracks and soundtrack-related instrumental music. Then there’s Cuts From The Crypt, which is all horror soundtrack cuts. 5/5/78 is an interview show revolving around people in the music and horror business. And back for Record Store Day, Tony combined both the DFC and CUTS for one epic episode of horror soundtrack goodness!

Now, he’s back for a second helping of DAMN FINE CUTS FROM THE CRYPT, and he brought me along as a co-host! That’s right, not only is this the “L.A.” edition, but I was fortunate enough to help curate the selections here. Some you’ve heard me talk about on the site here before, such as the awesome new vinyl release of Dario Argento’s OPERA by Claudio Simonetti. There are also tracks from THE BLACKCOAT’S DAUGHTER soundtrack by Elvis Perkins; a little PYE CORNER AUDIO courtesy of Mondo / Death Waltz Recordings; can’t do a music episode without a little John Carpenter; and I even sneak in a classic cut from the great Steve Moore of ZOMBI, who most recently scored THE GUEST, THE MIND’S EYE and the upcoming CAMERA OBSCURA.

If you’re looking for some groovy new horror tunes, kick back, relax and listen to the new DAMN FINE CUTS FROM THE CRYPT, embedded below for your convenience!

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