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When it Rained Unexplained Blobs of White Blood Cells in Washington

Frog, toads, fish, snakes, and even stones have all reportedly fallen down from the sky like rain at some point in time. One Florida resident even reported actual golf balls falling from the sky. In most cases, these acts of nature are easily explainable. After all, the rain golf balls can be explained by a water spout passed over a golf course. But there is one weird weather storm that to this day still has not been explained.

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In the town of Oakville, Washington on August 7, 1994, it began to rain sometime around 3 am. Although rain in the Pacific Northwest is quite common, it was the falling substance that caused some concern. They were tiny, translucent, gelatinous globules about the size of a grain of rice. A police officer working that night noticed them when he turned his windshield wipers on when he first thought it was raining. The substance immediately smeared across the windshield and obscured his vision. Pulling over, he got out and inspected it closer. The globs were small and mushy. Looking around, he noticed they had fallen everywhere.  

By that afternoon, several residents of Oakville became violently ill. They reported having difficulty breathing, vertigo, blurred vision, and nausea. A large number of cats and dogs who came in direct contact with the substance became ill and died. Now, one instance of this unusual rain would have been enough to pique curiosity, but when it occurred six more times over a period of three weeks, the residents of Oakville were desperate for answers.

One resident collected a sample of the strange gelatin like substance and took it to a lab tech at the local hospital for examination. The lab tech found that the substance contained human white blood cells, but could not explain why something like that would fall from the sky. The Washington State Department of Health collected a sample to see if they could find answers. There it was discovered that the material had two species of bacteria inside of it. One of these bacteria were common to the human digestive system. This lead to the assumption that the material may have come from a passing airplane. However, FAA rules required all waste to be dyed blue, this substance was clear. Also, it’s against regulations to dump this type of waste mid-flight or while airborne.

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Another test of the substance revealed a Eukaryotic cell, which signified that the substance was alive at one time. This lead to yet another theory which suggested that Air Force weapons testing in the Pacific Ocean had destroyed a colony of star jellyfish and sent them into the air where they landed in pieces on the town of Oakville. Although the Air Force did say that they had been conducting tests at that time, they denied any involvement in the glob/rain incident. However, some residents did notice slow-moving military aircraft conducting maneuvers over the town. This lead to speculation that the citizens of Oakville may have been part of a government experiment, perhaps testing some kind of biological weapon. This mystery still remains unsolved and will probably remain that way since there are no more samples of the strange blob.