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That Vudu You Do: A Look At Some Of The Best Free To Watch Horror Movies On Vudu

You know those slips of paper you get inside a new Blu Ray or DVD? The ones with the code on it for a digital version? If you don’t use those codes, you may not know about Vudu, a free streaming service where you can watch your digital copies of movies you own. And if you don’t know about Vudu, you don’t know that this free streaming service also has a bunch of movies that you can watch for free available on it. The downside to these free movies is that there are ads, the upside is that you can watch some great horror in high def without paying for a new subscription service.

What horror movies does Vudu have, you ask? Well, here’s a sampling:


Watch horror legends John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper ham it up in this anthology of terror! Three separate stories all told by the weirdos running the morgue where the bodies are piling up!

Carpenter and Hooper aren’t the only directors to show up on the shooting end of the camera in this one, either. Wes Craven, Roger Corman, and Sam Raimi all make cameos, acting alongside Robert Carradine, David Naughton, Mark Hamill and Twiggy.


Written and directed by Mick Garris and based on the novel by Stephen King, RIDING THE BULLET has never been released on Blu Ray, so this could be your only chance to see it in HD. It isn’t Garris’ best work, but the movie is entertaining, and with a cast that includes David Arquette, Barbara Hershey, and Matt Frewer, you’re in for a good time.


Directed by Brian Yuzna and starring Corbin Bernsen, both THE DENTIST and the sequel haven’t made it to Blu Ray yet, so again, here’s your chance to see them in HD! These movies, both with basically the same plot – Corbin Bernsen is a dentist who catches the woman he loves cheating on him, sending him into a murderous rage – are endlessly fun.


This 1981 made for TV movie is creepier than you may expect, with a killer who has a simple but amazingly effective design that could end up giving you nightmares for days. Following a common slasher movie concept – a couple of small town idiots go and kill a lovable but mentally challenged guy who then comes back from the dead to exact revenge on everyone within town limits – DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW is well worth your time. Hell, the title alone makes it a must see.


The most recent movie on this here list, and the only one to be nominated for an Academy Award, GOODNIGHT MOMMY is a creepy German film that critics adored, though some horror fans were left cold. Still, with a chance to watch it for literally zero pennies, how can you go wrong?


This movie kinda gets goofed on by a lot of people, but I full on love it. Nicolas Cage is at a level of insanity that is impossible to describe and it works perfectly with the story – the story being about a man who believes he is becoming a vampire. Add in Maria Conchita Alonso and Jennifer Beals, and you have yourself a cult classic stew, baby! Seriously, VAMPIRE’S KISS is the kind of movie that, along with ELECTRIC DREAMS and WILD THING, could only be made in the 1980s, a time when cocaine was budgeted into the shoot.