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Documentary on A SERBIAN FILM in the Works (and Possibly an Extended Cut)

Even if you’ve never dared to see it, you probably know about it… and maybe you’ve even heard the shocking details from those who managed to survive A SERBIAN FILM. Immediately following its 2010 release, the highly-controversial (and still widely banned) creation of director/co-writer Srđan Spasojević raced to the top of nearly every movie site’s “Most Disturbing Films of All Time” list… and there are plenty of reasons why it’s earned that notorious distinction.

[If you need to know what I’m talking about without actually plunging into the heart of darkness and human depravity that is A SERBIAN FILM, you can safely check out this essay on the film’s socio-political allegory.]

Image Credit: Jinga Films

While it’s one of the most talked-about titles among extreme horror fans, A SERBIAN FILM has understandably remained under the radar for all but the most jaded connoisseurs of outsider art. But that all may change in the near future, following the announcement of A SERBIAN DOCUMENTARY — an extensive feature-length examination on the origins, production and global reaction to this shocking and transgressive work of cinema.

Stephen Biro (AMERICAN GUINEA PIG) will be co-directing with Jason Koch, and Spasojević himself will produce the project under Biro’s Unearthed Films banner. The documentary will reportedly tap into over 60 hours’ worth of never-before-seen footage from behind the scenes of the widely-banned film.

Image Credit: Jinga Films

Speaking of unseen footage: Biro has also hinted at the possibility of overseeing a new extended cut of the original release — possibly several minutes longer than Spasojević’s original cut. There’s no telling as yet what this footage may contain… but we’ll keep you posted on further updates as the story unfolds.