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The Goriest, Wildest Teaser You’ve Ever Seen: The WYRMWOOD TV Series

Back in 2014, a low-budget Australian horror film named WYRMWOOD: ROAD OF THE DEAD journeyed over to the US and shocked audiences with its gore and ingenuity. The movie focused on a zombie outbreak, but there is much more than that, creating a zombie environment that feels fresh, original, and gory. The zombies breath and blood are both flammable and can even be used as fuel, which leads to amazing explosive sequences and over-the-top carnage. It is a bloody, gooey great time.

It was recently annouced that instead of a follow-up film, the production team is creating a 10 episode TV mini-series called WYRMWOOD: CHRONICLES OF THE DEAD, and holy zombie blood! The teaser is insane! We have no clue if this is getting a stateside distribution, when, or where. But judging by this teaser, horror fans will likely be clamoring to see it. Note- we don’t recommend watching this one while eating lunch.