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THE DEVIL’S CANDY Soundtrack Arrives On Vinyl!

Ah, bless those fine fiends over at Mondo and Death Waltz Recordings. Just last week, we pointed you over to the excellent and atmospheric Elvis Perkins score for THE BLACKCOAT’S DAUGHTER, which is now available on vinyl, or digitally. Now another one of this year’s best genre films has gotten the same treatment.

Up for sale now via the official Mondo website is Michael Yezerski’s incredible score for director Sean Byrne’s THE DEVIL’S CANDY. Bryne also directed the vastly underrated cult flick THE LOVED ONES, and THE DEVIL’S CANDY is a worthy follow-up. Ethan Embry stars as Jesse, a husband and father gripping with the strange influential dark forces in his new home. Simultaneously, the original tenant from the house is out and about committing a series of ghastly murders. Those dark forces very well may put them on a collision course with each other. Check out the trailer in our previous post here.

Among the many stand outs of the film is its score. You can listen to the whole thing, embedded below for your convenience.

You can also order the vinyl version of THE DEVIL’S CANDY at the Mondo website for $25 bucks.