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Watch Sigourney Weaver Battle a New Alien Foe in Neill Blomkamp’s Apocalyptic Short RAKKA!

Even if you’ve given up hope on seeing Ellen Ripley’s return to the xenomorph universe in the perpetually-postponed (and very likely doomed) ALIEN 5, with DISTRICT 9 director Neill Blomkamp behind the camera, this is still very big news indeed… and hints at something perhaps even bigger.

Image Credit: Oats Studios via YouTube

Blomkamp chose to kick off his new experimental film collective Oats Studios in the most epic way possible, teaming up with Sigourney Weaver herself for VOLUME 1: RAKKA — a jaw-dropping sci-fi/horror spectacle that packs an entire feature’s worth of explosive, gruesome, ultra-violent alien action into just 20 minutes.

Image Credit: Oats Studios via YouTube

Weaver portrays a fearless, pragmatic rebel leader in the very near future, battling a very different kind of inhuman threat — a scaly, ruthless reptilian species which by 2020 has massacred most of the human race, telepathically enslaved the unfortunate survivors, and is now mopping up the last remaining traces of resistance.

Image Credit: Oats Studios via YouTube

Weaver’s guerilla forces face impossible odds as the invaders advance their genocidal agenda, while humans resort to suicide bombing and other desperate measures… but a sole brain-hacked refugee from the aliens’ hellish laboratories might hold the key to their salvation.

You can watch the entire film right here…  and I highly recommend you view it on the largest screen possible.

The first of several planned shorts from Oats Studios to be released online, RAKKA has all the earmarks of a potential series pilot… but as of this writing, Blomkamp and crew have not yet disclosed whether that saga will continue in future installments.

Here’s a taste of what’s coming next…

Oats Studios has also invited amateur and professional filmmakers all over the world to play in their creative sandbox and expand on the stories themselves; to start with, media assets for RAKKA are available for free via their official site and Steam page.

Image Credit: Oats Studios via YouTube

It’s way too early to say, of course, but just maybe this film — and others to come — could give studio execs (not to mention Ridley Scott) enough of a horrific jolt to spring that new ALIEN chapter out of Development Hell…