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FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME Will Go “Retro” On June 20th!

I really wish I was personally more on top of things when it comes to the video game scene, because if I were, I’d be playing the hell out of the new FRIDAY THE 13TH video game! Luckily, I’ve enjoyed vicariously by watching my friends play, both as councilors and as Jason, if anything, because it feels like I’m watching a proper sequel.

Despite some minor launch issues, the creators behind the game are about to step it up with some exciting new updates to the game tomorrow, June 20th!

Straight from their Facebook [page, here’s the video and post they shared this morning: “Our team wants to thank everyone for their support and patience after a rocky launch with an entirely free update coming June 20th! Who’s ready to check out Retro Jason?”

How cool is that?! For those of you that loved the original Nintendo FRIDAY THE 13TH, this one’s for you!