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5 Rare Horror Movies Lurking on VUDU

Between Amazon, Shudder, Netflix, Hulu, and all the other streaming platforms, I sometimes don’t know where to head to find movies. So much is fighting for our attention that a lot of good platforms (and films) get overlooked in the shuffle. Case in point: I admittedly had never used VUDU until about a week ago.

The New Beverly in Los Angeles was doing a super rare screening of the obscure 80s horror film SCREAM FOR HELP. I badly wanted to attend. but I was already booked for that evening. Shit! I would never be able to see this film, I thought. But…VOD to the rescue! While airing my cinematic grievances on Twitter, someone pointed out to me that I could rent the film for just $2.99 on VUDU. Not nearly as great as the full theatrical/audience experience, but way better than not getting to see the movie at all. While there, I scoped out several obscure, but awesome horror flicks that you can currently rent on VUDU for just $2-$3.




Most people associate Hammer Films with the Dracula remakes of the 70s, but they did a lot of overlooked horror films in a variety of sub-genres. One of my fave Hammer movies is a lesser-known 1970s film called CRESCENDO, which feels like a “slasher” but was made several years before slashers became a thing. While researching a composer in a French villa, a female music student encounters his creepy son and a variety of other menacing characters, soon realizing she is being stalked.



Oscar-winning special effects guru Carlos Rambaldi created the monster for this flick just a few years after he made the iconic E.T. A telekinetic boy manifests a demon from hell which takes up residence in the kid’s closet.


PRIVATE PARTS (1972)(Cover Photo)

This is a bizarre, sleazy, but fascinating exploitation film. Young Cheryl is just becoming an adult and decides to move into her Aunt’s apartment building. A weird photographer living next door takes a keen interest in Cheryl, even spying on her. Cheryl soon becomes suspicious the photographer may have murdered one of the building’s former tenants.



SISTER, SISTER was veteran director Bill Condon’s first ever film, and he went on to helm everything from GODS AND MONSTERS to the new BEAUTY AND THE BEAST movie. SISTER, SISTER does have a few first film flaws, but there is still a lot of love. This Southern gothic film focuses on two sisters who turn their family estate into a boarding house causing dark family secrets to unfold.



SCREAM FOR HELP is totally bonkers and a lot of fun! A young girl becomes convinced that her stepdad is not only cheating on her Mom, but that he is also trying to murder her. Looking for a zany 80s slasher? Look no further! And find out more about SCREAM FOR HELP on this episode of SHOCK WAVES.