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This Terrifying Doll Keeps Talking After Her Batteries Are Removed

It looks like Tiffany might have some competition if Chucky gets a look at this video, which was shot by a group of teens at a public square in the town of Cusco, southeastern Peru.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube in two parts: the first shows the small battery-operated doll talking, moving her mouth, turning her head and blinking her eyes while sitting on a park bench… which is creepy enough, but not particularly abnormal, if you like that sort of thing.

But the second clip is the one that has viewers spooked.

In this video, one of the teens picks up the doll to inspect it, then flips it over to open the battery case in the back… and apparently finds it empty.

Image Credit: YouTube

A couple of the teens can be heard gasping in shock at this discovery… and are freaked out a second time when the doll continues talking.

While this little blonde moppet doesn’t exactly go on a violent, profanity-spewing rampage like the Chuckster, I would still recommend leaving her on that bench, maybe offering her that bottle of Coke as a peace offering, and backing away very slowly…