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What Mysteries Await In This Trailer For THE PASSING?

Here’s a fascinating new foreign horror film to add to your watch queue. Arriving today on all VOD platforms is the BAFTA award winning film THE PASSING, written by Ed Talfan and directed by Gareth Bryn.

In it, two young lovers are the victims of an automobile accident out in the remote mountains of Wales and are saved by a mysterious loner named Stanley. As they recover, what secrets does Stanley and his desolate property hold? Or what dark secrets are the couple themselves hiding? Check out the trailer below!

As an added bonus, here’s an addition clip titled “The Visitor:”

Synopsis: Two young lovers crash their car into a ravine in the remote mountains of Wales. Dragged from the river by a mysterious figure they will later come to know as Stanley (Mark Lewis Jones), they are taken to a ramshackle farm, a place untouched by time. As events unfold, we learn the explosive truth about the young couple’s past. More unsettling still, we discover the ghostly truth about Stanley and the tragedy of the valley he once called home.

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